Green Oxygen

Plants existed on the Earth long before humans. They have been fundamental in the growth, development and evolution of mankind. Plants are beautiful, advanced beings that, through a complex process, turn CO2 and other gases into fresh air and other by-products. The result is a naturally healthy environment for Mother Earth, humans and all living beings.

Plants are very self-sufficient and they can exist without our presence, whereas humans cannot survive without plants. They create their own environment; have you ever enjoyed the freshness and sense of well-being just by standing under a tree?

The basis of our concept at Green Oxygen is to help you create the unique aura of life and clean atmosphere that only plants can achieve, accomplished through the arrangement of living sculptures. Ancient pieces of driftwood collected from different corners of our planet provide a visual pleasure of living plants, giving you the ability to produce your own fresh air.

Say goodbye to mass-produced lifeless ornaments and discover real beauty, life and clean air.

Welcome to Green Oxygen, Fresh air the beautiful way